corporate governance & accountability management

Providing expert advice in management control redesign for organizations in the midst of change. 
Re-engineering management control processes for efficiency and effectiveness. 
Rationalizing management processes and developing measurement systems for efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability. 
Advising senior management in establishing new internal audit functions. 

Strategic Planning: Developing plans and objectives to fulfill the organization's purpose.
Leadership: Communicating the organization's purpose through vision. 
Organization Design: Establishing the structure that defines communication paths. 
Stewardship: Establishing the accountability for preserving the organization's purpose. 
Assurance: Providing feedback on the efficiency and effectiveness of the governance processes.

risk ASSESSMENT and management 

Businesses need to fulfill a variety of compliance requirements while at the same time need a policy for a growing mobile workforce. A risk assessment is the foundation to guide you towards the best business decisions that balance both security and compliance.

We at SPN can guide on the following...

Helping clients to develop processes for recognizing and managing business risks. 
Developing strategic assessment plans. 
Developing risk assessment and risk management processes for project control and for internal auditing processes. 
Developing qualitative and quantitative risk models for decision makers.

changing the internal auditor's paradigm

Area of Focus

Internal Audit Focus

Risk Assessment Technique

Internal Audit Tests

Internal Audit Methods

Internal Audit 

Internal Audit Reports

Internal Audit Role in the Organization

Old Paradigm 

Internal Control

Risk Factors

Important Controls

Emphasis on the Completeness of Detail Controls Testing

Internal Control
Strengthened, Cost-Benefits, Efficient and Effective

Addresses the Functional Controls

Independent Appraisal Function

New Paradigm

Business Risk

Scenario Planning

Important Risks

Emphasis on  the Significance of Broad Business Risks 

Risk Management - Avoid/Diversify Risk
Share/Transfer Risk - Control/Accept Risk

Addresses the Process Risks

Integrated Risk Management & Corporate Governance